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I can never give Carmen and Joseph enough credit. I've experienced different hosts with sip and paint parties that give you instructions but they don't help you "own" your canvas. When this duo hosts your party you will love your painting and want to hang it up at home! Don't pass up booking them for an adult or children's party.


It's always a great time with DragunfliDesignz. I've been to 2 events already and I feel like I'm a professional artist LOL...I will be booking them for my daughter's 19th bday party.


Carmen and Joseph are great hosts!! I love their paint parties!!!! The designs are original and they make the process fun! It can be intimidating when you first see the design, but their techniques make it easy to follow along. I'll definitely be booking paint parties with them in the future.


Had THE MOST fantastic day today with my babe and his family!!! PAINT PARTY!!! Carmen& Joseph, you two are amazing!!! I've never painted before today, and WOW!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I PAINTED SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


My mom said she wants my painting to be hung up on the stairwell wall...she must really like it. I had a freaking blaasstt painting. Sooooo when's the next one?


Lots of Fun with Family and Two Artist Instructors Joseph Dejah Tanner and Carmen Tanner, DragunfliDesignz. For pulling out our hidden talents, Thank You Both, It Was Sooooo Much Fun!!!!


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