It’s time for some GIGGLES & PAINT!

KIDS 10 & UNDER get to show off their artistic skills with easy peasy art projects – perfecto for their age group. We’ve got two canvas options – blank or pre-drawn – so choose your fave! Plus, we’ll create artwork that totally matches your theme. Cool, huh? At just $30 per child, it’s a total steal. Get ready for some paint-splattering, giggling good times!

Join the SPLATTER & VIBE Experience!

Get your creative kids (ages 11+) involved and improve your home decor with SPLATTER & VIBE art. Our art package offers blank canvases or pre-drawn options to mix creativity and inspiration without any required experience.

Our team will guide your kids through a fun and age-appropriate art experience in which no one minds having a bit of mess. We love to collaborate with you on making your private event extraordinary, and remember, we charge only $35 per child

Having an Event?

PRIVATE PAINT is the perfect way to jazz up any celebration!

For just $45 per person, you and your friends can Get Arted! Anyone 16 and up can join in on the fun. You can pick from a blank canvas or a pre-drawn one, and we’ll make sure it fits perfectly with your celebration’s theme. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, celebrating graduation, or having a baby or bridal shower, Private Paint is the perfect way to make the day even more special.

Don’t wait – book now and let’s get painting!



Our package “Experience” offers food and drink for $65 per person. It is an all-inclusive package perfect for any celebration or holiday such as anniversaries, date nights, birthdays, graduations, baby or bridal showers. You can choose between a blank canvas or a pre-drawn canvas. We also create artwork specific to your theme, so your input is highly valued. We guarantee that family functions with our package will never be the same


Our canvas kits are available for your event. STARTING AT $25 you can order canvases and kits separately, or get a complete kit at our online shop. Delivery straight to your door is an option or you can pick them up yourself.
We offer a 20% discount on the total price if you order three or more canvases or kits. Don’t miss this chance to save today.