Our Terms & Conditions

How the "Get Arted" by DragunfliDesignz Paint Party Service Works:

By choosing to host a "Get Arted" by DragunfliDesignz Paint Party, you get a team of experienced artists that provide a fun and entertaining service to your guests with two hours of painting instruction at a variety of establishments (including private residences)."Getting Arted" is for the entertainment of the guests and it is designed for individuals without any experience and all age ranges. Our team members are there to help with every step of the painting process. Our goal is to inspire the creativity of each attendee. If you want to change what you are painting, we encourage individuality, so go for it.

We want each person to enjoy every moment of the "Get Arted" process.

We never paint the same image twice, so you can rest assured that the artwork for your event will be unique. If you have seen work from one of our previous events that you want to make, we will create an image that is similar, but not exactly the same.

Supplies and Materials:

Your DragunfliDesignz Paint Party registration allows you to use all the DragunfliDesignz Paint Party equipment and materials for your painting experience. These materials are noted, but not limited to: paint, paintbrushes, easels, aprons, writing instruments. These are property of DragunfliDesignz and must not be removed from the event.

Photography at Events:

These events are fun energetic events and lots of photos are taken for my image library and to help promote future events. Attendees are encouraged to take photos and post them to social media outlets. These photos may be used on my website and on social media outlets. ie., dragunflidesignz.com, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Blogs. These may appear in search engine image searches/results and archives. We understand there are times when clients do not wish to be photographed or have their photographs published. If this is the case you must write to me to request that the image(s) be removed, including the exact site, link, reference, and location. Removing images from the website and my social media that I manage is in my control, however, DragunfliDesignz cannot assume any responsibility for any images that are posted by DragunfliDesignz Paint Party guests, visitors and other parties.

Event Cancellations:

In the event that the host cancels the event, DragunfliDesignz will not return the non-refundable deposit payment. Although, if the event needs to be rescheduled, DragunfliDesignz will apply the previous deposit payment to the new event date.