Let go of unnecessary excess
May 21, 2020
No Comparison Necessary
August 13, 2020

Making lists is something I do well.

Although checklists can be a source of dread for some people, I find that they can really help to organize your time. The dreaded checklist is something that makes me smile to create. Lists are LITERALLY my thing. In addition to the usual Superwoman grocery or shopping lists, I have a checklist for my entire day. In my line of “hero work”, I wear lots of different hats in addition to this here cape of mine. I have found that writing ALL (and I do mean ALL) of my tasks down helps to keep me sane. It is a way to keep myself in check…no pun intended.

On those days that I can actually cross everything off the list, I feel like a true bulletproof, leap over tall buildings 100% superhero. The world, at that point, is my oyster. 

Oh, but on the contrary…

On the days that it seems like absolutely NOTHING gets crossed off my list, I feel like such a failure. Which, frankly, is the wrong attitude to take. When you find yourself in the midst of those “failure” moments, take a second to look at what actually got done during that day.  Ironically, it is the unexpected accomplishments that should make you smile.  Surprisingly, you will see that you were able to complete little tasks while simultaneously making all the other magical things happen.

Write down all of the things that you finished. No matter how insignificant you think it may be. Just write it. Sometimes, changing your point of view can help you to understand that, getting even one thing accomplished should be commended. Positive not negative, the pros vs the cons.

Awaiting my hero’s parade

Yesterday was a great day for my list (which happens to be a weekly list broken down into the days of the week). Although a good chunk of this list has carried over from last week, I have been chiseling away at tasks one at a time. Celebrating each one as I erase them from the dry erase board, has become a personal ceremony I have with and for myself. Patting myself on the back and giving hubby a high-five each and every time.

Do mini audits either daily or weekly

Before starting the next day, take some time to either rewrite the list in the evening before bed or in the morning before doing anything. Make the choice on a day-to-day basis.

The point of it all is giving yourself the credit that you are so dearly due. Stop beating yourself up over the things that didn’t happen, and celebrate the things that did.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


  1. Refreshing! I must remember to celebrate the accomplishments rather than focusing on all the things that are still on my list. This the great before-bed read that I needed tonight. Thank you for sharing!

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