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The TRUE Definition of a Superwoman

A superwoman is not just a woman who successfully copes with the life she lives. Let me give you the true definition of a Superwoman.

Let me give you the true definition of a Superwoman.

Dictionary.com provides the definition below:

superwomansoo-per-woo m-uh n ]

noun, plural su·per·wom·an.

  • a woman of extraordinary or superhuman powers.
  • a woman who copes successfully with the simultaneous demands of a career, marriage, and motherhood.

The word that sticks out to me in this definition is “copes”.

The definition of the word cope is “to struggle or deal, especially on fairly even terms or with some degree of success or to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner.” The use of the word “copes” sounds overly negative to me – much like its synonyms struggle, endure, and grapple. The use of copes here implies that being a superwoman may not always feel like you are achieving balance. Balance is often characterized as handling all things in your life evenly.

This is not always how things work in the real world.

Some aspects of our lives take priority and shift around when necessary. Let’s look at a typical week for me (when we aren’t on a forced lockdown). Handling Etsy orders, planning paint parties, handling graphic communications/projects, along with painting and creating to keep my juices flowing are just a few of the business-related things swirling around in my world.

Notice something?

In the previous list, I made ZERO mention of home-life tasks like laundry, cooking, baking, cleaning, and spending quality time with my boyfriend and the kids (when they want to be in the same room with us LOL). Oh, and what usually makes the bottom of the list, self-care for me. Now that these things are listed, if I tried to balance (juggle) every single thing on the itemized list, I would go absolutely insane. The “balance” I seek is within myself, because all of this other stuff can wait. THAT is being a Superwoman in my book. Knowing when to say “okay, it’s ME time now.”

That is balance.

It took some time, but I have come to realize that, yes, I am a Superwoman. Even though you don’t have the balance in your life that you may be seeking, but indeed Madame, you ARE a superwoman.  Remind yourself as often as possible that you deserve to wear that cape. Not for the reasons we sometimes think we are SUPPOSED to be super, but because you can do any and everything you set your mind to.

Juggling the many things that we do in our day will eventually result in dropping the ball every now and again, but that in no way is an example of failure. By ball, I mean the thing you wanted to check off your list but didn’t get to TODAY. As long as you pick that ball up and resume your juggling, you’re all good. Don’t let YOU say otherwise!

Simply, being a superwoman is being able to create balance in your life, however it is that you choose to define it. Come to an understanding with yourself that you should focus on the important stuff and worry about the other stuff later. 

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  1. Bithiah Brown says:

    THIS! ALL of this, I read in your voice. You got it nailed down!

  2. Shamika Clements says:

    Thank you 🙏💛

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